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Branding House of Performance

Corporate branding is about recognizing your individual identity as a brand. What makes you different? Why would companies choose you to work with? To find that key differentiator you need to follow these three steps.

House of Performance branding

Knowing yourself is key

House of Performance struggled with their identity back in 2011 and asked Bohemia Amsterdam to help them get a clearer image. We did as follows:

1. Ask seven times why

Simon Sinec talks about the Golden Circle. He explains that real products are built on an inner reason why companies do what they do. For example, a company should not want to make money by producing speakers but want to enhance the experience by improving sound. An easy thing to do in a boardroom is to ask seven times why. So – Why do we build speakers again?

2. Scan your own words

Existing companies have their own unique vocabulary. It’s in their brochures, correspondence, and on their website. Put all words together in one list and scan through them. What makes it typical you? Is it specific words, phrasing, or tone-of-voice? Pin point it using one descriptive word and you’ve got a character.

“Only an open mind is able to see the truth.”

AvatarMarco de Boer, Creative Director.

3. Look outside in

At Bohemia Amsterdam we are specialized in asking the questions that no one dares to ask. It’s a must have to progress. An outside in approach wipes out the mist of make believe, political answers, and navel-gazing. We can help.

We’d like to inspire you with the full story on this case for House of Performance. Download it now.


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